Adventures in Thailand

We probably have all seen pictures of movie stars laying on the beach of some foreign location. Well a good many of those are in Phuket Thailand. We decided to go to Thailand and booked several nights in Bangkok, Phuket and Phi Phi Island.  Overall the trip was enjoyable, however the King’s sister passed away about a day before we got there and there was a period of mourning. That meant that most of the muay thai boxing and bars were closed for 10 days. About the same 10 days that we were there. Big bummer.  But we made the best of it.  Bangkok is pretty much a giant shopping center.  It was crowded, like a lot of big cities in Asia, but easy to get around with trains and Tuk Tuk (mini 3 wheeled cabs).

Adventures in Bangkok

The very crowded look of Bangkok near our downtown hotel.  Easy transportation on the elevated trains.


Everywhere you look, there are pictures of the King and sometimes the Queen.


Colorful Tuk Tuk and riding in the back on one.  A nice, hang on for your life ride.  You also get a strong exhaust smell when they stop.

bkok2 tuk1

This is the temple of Dawn.  It is mostly a mosaic porcelain temple.  It is very tall and steep to climb to the top.  It has great views of most of Bangkok.

P1130554 P1130568 P1130591

Another temple is the Golden Mount.  Hard to take a picture of it from any distance because of the trees.  But they did have this little model that shows what it looks like.

P1130934 P1130938

There is a small snake farm in the center of Bangkok. They put on shows with snakes. M thought she would put one on.

bkok9a bkok9b

Adventures in Phuket

We traveled by plane to Phuket.  This was suppose to be the great tourist beach.  Frankly we were not all that impressed with it.  It kind of reminded me of a run down Waikiki beach area.  We did find one nice beach about a 30 minute tuk tuk ride along the coast that we stayed.  For about 50 baht (Thai dollars), you can lay there all day under umbrellas and get food and drinks.

phu1 phu2 phu3

Adventures on Ko Phi Phi Don

The island of Ko Phi Phi Don (Phi Phi), was our favorite place.  The island has twin bays that you can see after you take a very step walk up a path to the top of one of the lower mountains tops.  The twin bays and very small town suffered greatly during the tsunami.  It pretty much wiped the place out, but it was in good shape when we were there.  We relaxed a lot while there and kayaked around to a small isolated beach.  The weather and water was very warm in January.  It was just wonderful.  This is one of those places we would go back to.  We got 1 hour Thai massages for about $9 US dollars!  It was fantastic.

pp1 pp1b pp2 pp3 pp4 pp5 pp6

Phi Phi Island is still one of our favorite places.  Price was right, water was warm.  Such a nice place. Don’t miss it!