Adventures in Sweden

After our stop in Oslo on our Norway-Sweden-Russia vacation, we spent a couple of nights in Stockholm.  After spending time in the uncrowded Oslo, Stockholm was bustling with tourist.  We used our Hilton Honors points and upgraded to a nice room overlooking old town Stockholm (also known as Gamla Stan) from across the river. After checking in, we immediately walked to old town to walk around and look for dinner.  There were many streets to walk down and may restaurants.  Although the US dollar was strong compared to the Kroner,  food was still expensive.

One of our stops the next day was to take the local bus to The Kaknäs Tower because we heard there was a viewing tower at the top.  There was but you are so far from downtown, that it really was not a great place for photos.  We also heard about the food in the cafe near the top so we decided to give it a try.  Well was I disappointed and frustrated.  We went to the hosted and asked if we can have lunch.  She asked if we had reservations and I said no. She said she would have to see if she could fit us in and disappeared.  I looked inside and there were many empty seats and it was after lunch time around 1:30.  After 10 minutes we just walked away.  I didn’t want to wait any longer to eat and I was worried the service would be as bad.  Oh well, back to old town for some good food.

Marcy read about a great place to visit called Saluhall in Ostermalm area.  We were both so glad we went there.  It was awesome foodie paradise.  It was all fresh at a good price.  Don’t miss this place if you are in Stockholm!

Our last stop was directly across from our hotel and looked like a great photo spot called The Katarina Elevator.  An old elevator originally built in 1881 to get people from the lower docks to the higher area above in Sodermalm.  We walked over there and unfortunately the restaurant wasn’t open.  We did get some additional pictures from up there.

That was pretty much the trip to Stockholm.  It was a great little city to tour around. On to St Petersburg Russia.