Adventures in Lisbon

Our next stop was Lisbon Portugal.  Lisbon reminded me of Brussels and a little of Paris where it is like a large upscale mall atmosphere. It is easy to walk to almost all of the tourist/historical sites, except the castle on the hill.

Our first stop was to see the Santa Justa Lift, also know as Elevador de Santa Justa.  This elevator opened in 1902 and was built by Raul Mesnier who was Gustave Eiffel’s apprentice. It connects the low part of town to the upper part of town.  On the very top it also has a viewing point where you get a good view of the city and the Lisbon castle, Castle of São Jorge.


Yes that is one of our love locks placed at the top!



 We ventured down through the lower town area (more like out door expensive mall area) towards the water Tagus river.

Lis2001 Lis2002Lis010Lis3001

From the arch at the water way, we grabbed a taxi that took us to the top of the hill to Castle of São Jorge.  It is a fairly large castle and I love the thick walls and moat area.



Then we did something smart, we hired a taxi to have him drive us to all of the outlying tourist sites.  It was great.  He drove us to a site and we toured around taking pictures while he waited. The cost was not any higher than if we kept trying to find a taxi each time.  We saw many sites over the next few hours.   On thing you will notice in the pictures below is that according to our Taxi driver, they have copied a lot of world sites such as: The Golden Gate Bridge, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  They also had this mini castle, Belem Tower, at the foot of the Tagus river.


That was our Lisbon experience!

Now on to our next stop.