Adventures in Norway

Norway has always been a short list destination for me since it is part of my Norwegian heritage.  I was excited to go and see Oslo as that was one of my ancestral cities. As part of our Norway-Sweden-Russia vacation, we flew from LAX to Oslo.   We stayed at the Park Inn by Radisson in the downtown Oslo area.  Our first stop had to be Vigeland Sculpture Park (Vigelandsparken). The park is very big but all of the 200 some bronze statues are awesome.  Luckily for us it was not very crowded and we got some great pictures.  The Monolith statue in the middle is spectacular.  It was so nice to walk around that park. This is highly recommended it you go to Oslo.

Our next stop was the Viking Ship Museum.  This museum is rather on the small size but well work the bus ride out to it.  They have a full size Viking ship with a great picture/viewing area.  The museum advertises that it has the two best preserved wooden Viking ships built in the 9th century.  Well they did not disappoint us.  You can get through this museum within a hour or less.

Our next stop was a trip to Oslo City Hall.  It is a free historical building that you can walk through and see large murals and the City Council hall.

Overall we were surprised at how few people there seemed to be in Oslo.  Even during what I would consider rush hour, there were really not that many cars or people walking around – and it was summer time.  This thought was reinforced after got to Stockholm and it seemed 10x busier.  We were still glad we went to Oslo.