Adventures in Mexico

What can I say about Mexico, at least the Cancun area, we love it.  We have been there 7 times, always being drawn back to Playa Del Carmen. It is a place where you can relax, eat good food, and have a romantic time all at a great price.  We have learned that you can find good deals if you go at the right time and not pay the high rates at the all-inclusive resorts.  We love the small hotels you can find right on the beach.

Adventures in Playa Del Carmen

On our first trip to Mexico, we stayed in Playa Del Carmen as we wanted to stay away from the high tourist areas of Cancun.  Man we were glad we did.  The beach was awesome, our hotel was awesome, our whole time was awesome.  We feel in love with the place.

Our first time in Mexico at the beach in Playa Del Carmen



The second time we went to Playa Del Carmen, we went for New Year’s holiday.  It was a blast and we ate some excellent food at terrific prices.

playa1 playa2 playa3

There were a lot of people, but we found a great bar and restaurant off the beaten path with less tourist.  Perfect weather and fun.

Adventures in Cozumel

Right off the coast of Playa Del Carmen, is Cozumel island. It is a short 40 minute boat ride.  This is the same island that all of the large cruise ships stop.  There is really only one main expensive street for the ship tourist.  We decided to rent a scooter and ride around the entire island.  We stopped on the far side and I had a change to get into the crystal clear waters and snorkel.  We rode around some more to find some beaches and more food.  We ended the day at grabbed some nice sunset pictures before our boat came to take us back. It was a great day.


Cozum008 Cozum003 Cozum004

Cozum007 Cozum005 Cozum009


Adventures in Cancun

We did the touristy thing the first time we went to Mexico and visited all of the ruins. We did not want to take the big tourist buses with everyone else (not our thing), but decided to go see everything for ourselves.  It was a good choice as we saw not only the main Chichen Itza ruins, but had time to stop in the next town to see a large Cenote and a much lesser seen Ek Balam (Mayan for Black Tiger) ruins.


 The trick to getting the best picture of Chichen Itza is to beat the tourist buses there.  Take a care and get there by 8AM. This the picture you can get!

Citzen001 Citzen002 Citzen003 Citzen004 Citzen005 Citzen007 Citzen009 Citzen010


We stopped in the town next to Chitzen Itza and went to one of the large Cenotes.  The underground caves in the area.


can2 CenoteB001

Ek Balam

Ek Balam is a very large ruins that at the time were still being cleaned up.  There were very little tourist there as the buses at the time did not stop there.  The other important thing is that you can still climb to the top of the largest pyramid area which you can’t do any longer at Chitzen Itza.  We were glad we stumbled onto the place. In this case it paid to rent a car and self tour the area.

EkBalamEkBalam001 EkBalam002 EkBalam003 EkBalam004 EkBalam005 EkBalam006 EkBalamB001 EkBalamB002 EkBalamB003 EkBalamB004

We also visited some friends in Cancun and stroll around near hotel circle.  What a busy place.  We did notice that the beaches in Cancun are not nearly as nice as Playa Del Carmen.

CancunB002 CancunB003 CancunB004


Adventures in Isla Mujeres

On a subsequent trip to Mexico we decided to take the boast to Isla Mujeres.   En route our boat stopped so we could snorkel in the absolutely clear waters.  M didn’t really like the idea so she stayed on board and I jumped in the waters.  It was a nice experience.  We ten checked out the very small island for about an hour before the boat went back.  Another nice day.

can5 can6 can8 can7

A quick shark picture after the boat arrived back in Cancun.

Adventures in Puerto Murelos

On one of our trips, we decided to stay in this little town on the coast about half way between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. There is not much there, about 2 city blocks worth of places to eat and a market, but the the tourist factor is minimal.  It helps that M speaks fluent Spanish as it is easier to get around and order food!   The place we stayed was a B&B type of place.  The lady there made a great breakfast and we had a wonderful view from our room.  It was nice to try something different.  The only thing is we found ourselves taking a taxi to Playa Del Carmen for better dinners.  Oh well.

puerto1 puerto2 puerto3

Adventures in Cabo San Lucas

Instead of the 5 hour flight to Cancun we like so much we decided on a 4 day weekend to take the 2 hour flight to check out Cabo San Lucas.  Overall the beaches were not as nice and actually rocky, but we made the best of it on the beach and in town.  We visited the famous Cabo Wabo bar and had some dinner and walked around.  It was a good change but the colder pacific ocean water doesn’t doesn’t entice me to go back.

cabo1 cabo2 cabo3 cabo4 cabo5

We hear many people where we live talk about going to Hawaii and I always say, why Hawaii, the water is warmer and the prices better in the Cancun area.  The flight time from LAX is the same, however you do need a passport.  Other than that, it is what we recommend.