Adventures in Palermo

Continuing our 2015 vacation from Naples, we took the night train to Palermo. It left at 11PM from Naples and arrived at 9AM in Palermo.  The exciting part of this trip was when the train stops near the southern border of Italy and they put the train on a ferry.  They back in one half of the train, then put in the other half, without the engine and then shut the doors.  This happened around 5AM.  I felt the train jerk and I woke up and went outside.  Our car was already on board but I was able to see the other half get loaded on. The ferry is very large and it was a cool site to watch.  They then take the ferry to the north side of Sicily and then reverse the process.

Pictures of the night train from Naples to Palermo. 

It was a cool thing to see.  Glad I got up to take pictures so that Marcy could see since she slept through it all.

Palermo was our first stop.  We checked into the Best Western. The Best Western hotels are very nice overseas compared to how they are in the U.S.  It was located on a nice street.  The first thing to do was get our laundry done since we only packed a small carry on sized luggage for our 2 week trip.  We found a nice little place near the open air market about 4 blocks away.  The guy spoke great English and only charged us 8 euro to do it all.  It was great. We toured around a little and caught a night concert in the square.  We stopped for some excellent charcuterie and beer.  When you eat in the alley ways, some place have people on the balconies.  I happened to look up and caught a naughty girl without panties… I told Marcy to look up and she told me to snap a picture for the journal.  Now her ass is part of our travels.

On one of the days in Palermo, we decided to go to the Catacombs.  I got a picture of the entrance but no cameras were allowed.  I grabbed a picture from the web so you can see what we saw. I think Marcy got a little weirded out.  But it is their history.

We then went on a self guided day tour where we toured a couple of Palermo’s cathedrals.  First we took a taxi ride to the Cathedral of Monreale which was on a hill overlooking Palermo.  Next we went to the main Palermo Cathedral. We paid for an inside tour of the Palermo cathedral which included the roof and the basement with the burial place of the past cardinals and others.

Adventures in Agrigento

After our Palermo time, we rented a car and drove to Agrigento on our way to Trapani. This is the location of some ancient sites in Sicily. It was about a two hour ride.  Overall the place is not huge and so we could tour through in about an hour.

 Adventures in Trapani

After Argigento, we went to Trapani.  Here we would stay the night before our flight to the Island of Malta.   We did not expect much in Trapani but we were surprised that they had a great ancient town ,called Erice, on top of a large mountain and we had to take a very long cable car ride – 10 minutes is a long time in a cable car.   On the top was Castle di Venere.  A Norman castle built in the 12th centuries. We also were surprised that they had a great outdoor mall with some great shops and restaurants.  We are glad we stayed there, even if only one night.  We also had a great room in a hidden little hotel.   This was a very underrated place. Glad we had the chance to experience it.

So that was the end of our Italy/Sicily journey on this trip.  So far we have been on the road for a week and a half.  We were dragging and looking forward to resting on the Island of Malta, our next trip.  We were in for a surprise in Malta!