Adventures in Greece

On one of our trips, we traveled to Turkey. We drove from Istanbul down to Marmaris and took a ferry to Rhodes Greece.  That was the start of our week in Greece.  We stayed on the Island of Rhodes, then to the Island of Santorini, and our final stay was in Athens.  We were suppose to stay at one more Island, Zakynthos, but the flight was cancelled and we had to stay another extra night in Santorini – which was not a problem because it was probably one of the most relaxing and romantic places we have been.

Adventures on the Island of Rhodes

Rhodes was the first island we stayed in Greece.  The island is very large.  We stayed in a small town called Pefkos near Lindos.  That town has the magnificent acropolis of Lindos. Another ancient acropolis that is being rebuilt. It looks like a castle on top of a large rock.  We also rented a car so that we can drive around the island and visit the main attraction which is the Citadel of Rhodes. After looking through the pictures and all we did in Rhodes, I don’t think I give it enough credit that is was a nice place to visit both historically and a place to relax.

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rho3We found a nice place to relax at one of the bays near Lindos. The water was not real warm, but it was relaxing.

Adventures in Athens

Based on some feedback from other travelers to Athens, we only booked two nights in Athens. Luckily we listened… We got to Athens a little late in the day and stayed the night in our hotel.  It is a very large city (not unlike Los Angeles) with 4 million people.  It is crammed, it seems, with thousands of white buildings (as you can see in some of the pictures below). The main focal point of this trip is the amazing Acropolis of Athens.  Atop of this “high city” (meaning of acropolis), sits the Parthenon, dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena built in 438 BC.  After walking around the acropolis, we walked to other historical sites near there.  After that, we were pretty much done with Athens.  So as suggested, one full day in Athens in enough for any trip.

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A great picture of the Acropolis with Hadrian’s Gate in the foreground.

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Adventures in the Island of Santorini

Marcy and I believe Santorini is one of the most romantic places we have been (a close 2nd would be Beaver Creek Colorado). It is the simple tranquility of the place. Very relaxing. Catching a sunset together and walking hand in hand around the small municipality of Oia (I hear that all 12 municipalities on the island have been joined into one city called Thera).  We stayed at one of the rooms from the company called “Old Oia Houses”.  It was perfect for us. The pictures say more than I can.

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 Our room at “Old Oia Houses”, room number 1.  It is all you need!  In the morning we cut up fruit for breakfast, made some coffee and sat on the patio. Can’t beat that for a perfect morning.

The main “streets” in town. I got up at 7am and walked around… The town was empty and nothing was open. I guess you are suppose to sleep in.

san04 san06 san07

We rented a car (first time we drove one of the smart cars) and drove around the island to each town to check them out. We also visited one of the beaches on the far side of the island. We also drove up to a winery at the top of a road that had great views.


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A couple of sunset pictures and night on the island.  Many of the tourist in town and on the cruise ships come to the far side of Oia to take pictures of the sunset. We had some haze in the horizon, but it was still nice.

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