We started our annual vacation this year in Croatia.  We used Norwegian airlines because (a) it is a lower cost carrier, and (b) we can upgrade to business class for only a few hundred more. This makes the long flights (10 hours plus) a nice trip for cheaper than most other carriers for their coach seats.  We finally got a flight on the new Boeing 787 dreamliner.  This plane was very comfortable.  On both flights we had, I do not remember popping my ears nor did I have any jet lag feeling.  I’m all for this in the future if we can get it.

Adventures in Dubrovnik Croatia

Our first stop was in Dubrovnik.  We flew in and I had a car booked to take us to our hotel since it was late at night and I don’t like looking for taxis at night, especially since a lot of countries don’t regulate their fares at night.  We checked into the Berkeley Hotel. A nice small hotel with only 24 rooms.  The main attraction in Dubrovnik is the walled city.  The main thing is to walk the walls of the city.  It was a very hot day, but we walked the whole wall.  We also used our new selfie stick for some pictures of the both of us.  It took a little while to get use to.  It was a great day with great views.


If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones, they filmed some of it within the walls of the city. There are a few official stores that sell merchandise.

We stayed two nights in Dubrovnik then rented a car to drive to Split. This was going to be interesting because we had to drive through the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina.  We rented the car and drove the 3 hour drive.  About 45 minutes from Dubrovnik we got to the boarder.  I was prepared to show my passport but we just drove through as the only two border guards we saw were tearing apart some guy’s small pickup truck.  There is only one small town, Neum, about 10 minutes from the boarder and it only takes a couple of minutes to get past the town. They only had about 7 or 8 little restaurants listed on TripAdvisor. Most of them were small fish restaurants since Neum is on the coast. After being in Neum, it only takes another 15 minutes to get to the next boarder crossings into Croatia.  This time we had to stop and show our passports.  It was a cool little adventure.

Adventures in Split

It was difficult to find the Thrifty car rental location that was near Split harbor.  We finally got some assistance from a security guard who used my phone to get the directions fro the shop.  I don’t know if we would have ever found it.  A lot of one way streets.  From there we walked to the hotel (which took a while!)

The hotel was a bit hard to find as it was a really small sign and the entrance was on the side. But overall, we were happy with this hotel.  Room was a decent size and very clean.   Our first order of business was to rest after that long drive.  We cleaned up and took a nap.  After our nap we walked back to the harbor area and looked for a place to eat.   Right behind the harbor area was the Diocletian palace.  A historical area but had many restaurants.  The weather was great and it was nice walking around.  The next morning we went back to the Diocletian Palace area and started our tour through various areas.  It was really nice.

We spent those couple of days in Split. Had some great food and seen some great historical areas.

Now we are on are way to Naples Italy.