Adventures in China:

China was one of Marcy and I’s first long trip together. The trip was two weeks long and we started in Beijing and worked our way south through large and small cities until we reached Hong Kong. This was an excellent trip with lots of great history. One of my boyhood dreams of walking on the Great Wall of China was completed. We both agree that eating braised chicken in Xi’an city, where the terracotta warriors are located, and the sights and food in Hong Kong is worth a trip back some day.

Adventures in Beijing

What can you say about the the Great Wall of China.  It is a marvel to walk along. It is so hard to believe that they built this by hand at the top of these mountain peaks. Amazing.

greatwalljr greatwall2 greatwall3 greatwall1 forbidtemple07

Adventures in Datong

The Hanging Temple in Datong China. Built by monks on the side of sheer mountain wall.  Very few western visitors make it out to this historical site.

Hanging Monastery in Datong China

hangtemple2 hangingtemple
Adventures in Xi’an

In Xian China, we went to see the thousands of Terra Cotta Warriors in the mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin. There are an estimated 8,000 full size terra cotta soldiers buried there.  It is an amazing site to visit.

xian2 xian3 xian1
Adventures in Guilan &

Buddha statues are everywhere in China.  We went to many historical sites where there are thousands (not kidding, thousands!) carved by hand in the rock and caves.  One of the Buddha statues we went to see, the Leshan Giant Buddha, is the largest Buddha carved by hand in the world.  It is 233 feet tall and was carved in 803AD. Next on our stop was Yangzhou China. We stayed at a nice little hotel on the Li River.  One of the things we found to do there was visit the Moon Caves. You take one of the small boats inside and about 200 yards in you can get out and start walking through. It was really hot and humid inside. They also have a mud bath if you want to jump in.  Seemed too hot for that. We saw plenty of bats in there also.  This was a good adventure. Again, not many American tourist make it this way.

yangshou3 leshanbuddha budda2 giantbuddha yangshou0 yangshou1
Adventures in Chengdu

No tour of China is complete without seeing a panda.  We went one step further and went to the largest Panda zoo in the world in Chengdu China. Someone gave us a tip to go early in the morning while the pandas are eating. What a great tip. We saw many of them relaxing and eating, and eating, and eating.  I did get a chance to hold one of the red pandas they have in the zoo.

pandatire panda2 panda1 pandared3 babypanda
Adventures in Hong Kong

Our last stop of this two week adventure was in Hong Kong.  Marcy had a friend, Sylvia, who lived there and we met up with her for a quick tour to various restaurants and nightclubs.  It was easy to get around, especially with Sylvia’s help. Marcy says she would come back just to eat a plate of claims at the Wah Hee Seafood Restaurant. (she polished off a plate by herself!) We both agree that this is a location we would love to visit again.

hongkong1 hongkong5 hongkong6 hongkong4hongkong2

BEST FOOD!hongkong3

By the way, almost all public toilets are like this… What a fun trip!