Grand Cayman

Adventures in Grand Cayman

Marcy and I didn’t take a big vacation this year like as normally do because of my health issues and treatments. We got a quick trip to Hawaii and that was it. I was dying to go somewhere so we decided on the island of Grand Cayman.

After we landed, we grabbed a taxi to our hotel.  It cost about 18 US dollars to get to the hotel about 15 minutes away.  The Grand Cayman dollar is more valuable so we lose about 20 cents on the dollar.  For this stay we went for a cost effective hotel not directly on the beach which was the Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach.  It cost less than half of what the high end Marriot Resort cost next door.  We still paid $370 a night.  Since gratuity of 18% is automatically added to every bill, we got $118 added to the bill for that.  So as you can see, it can be an expensive place to take a vacation.

The biggest attraction is Seven Mile Beach.  I heard from a local that it is really 5.2 miles but Seven Mile sounded better.  It is a nice area…

Seven Mile Beach

The photo above was taken when we arrived and just walked out to check out this great beach. It was really nice.  They have a reef that surrounds the island so there are really no waves so it is easy to relax.


The next day we decided to rent a taxi to tour the island.  The island is only 8 miles wide by 22 miles long with one main road. If you want to see all of it, 3 hours is all you need.  Our driver took us to all the normal spots. The first one being Hell. The little spot is actually called Hell because of the rock formations there. Apparently someone a long time ago stated that this is what hell must look like so it stuck.  Basically it is about 5 buildings, all trinket shops and a post office that you can mail letters from Hell. Nice touch to any vacation postcard to home!


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