Adventures in the Caribbean:

Marcy and I had never taken a cruise before. So many people talk about how great cruises are that we booked one early in the year and looked forward to the cruise and the Caribbean Islands we were going to see.  After it was all over, we unanimously agreed that cruising is not our style of travelling.  Although we thought is was a cheaper way to see many islands on one adventure, we feel we really didn’t get to experience the islands or culture like we would on a normal trip.  Couple that with our ship cabin, although a decent balcony room, it was like staying in a very noisy hotel. The walls are thin and people, kids included, are up very late and making noise.  After a long day on an island in the sun and 85 degree temperatures, staying up past 9:30 PM – when the activities really start on a ship, we were ready to retire for the day.  I talked to several elderly guest and they felt the same way.  So maybe a cruise is more for the younger, still partying hard, type of tourist.  So we will revert back to our normal travelling ways and leave the cruising for the young and elderly.  We did see a few islands and we are intrigued and will possible go back to Barbados and San Juan Puerto Rico some day.

So our cruise took us to the following islands: