Bosnia & Herzegovina

Adventures in Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Our adventure into Bosnia & Herzegovina and the city of Neum was part of our Croatia-Italy-Sicily-Malta vacation.  Here is the except from that trip:

We stayed two nights in Dubrovnik then rented a car to drive to Split. This was going to be interesting because we had to drive through the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina.  We rented the car and drove the 3 hour drive.  About 45 minutes from Dubrovnik we got to the boarder.  I was prepared to show my passport but we just drove through as the only two border guards we saw were tearing apart some guy’s small pickup truck.  There is only one small town, Neum, about 10 minutes from the boarder and it only takes a couple of minutes to get past the town. They only had about 7 or 8 little restaurants listed on TripAdvisor. Most of them were small fish restaurants since Neum is on the coast. After a quick lunch in Neum, it only takes another 15 minutes to get to the next boarder crossings into back into Croatia.  This time we had to stop and show our passports.  It was a cool little adventure.

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