Adventures in Seville

We flew from Ibiza to Seville via a quick stop in Barcelona.  Wow – Seville was really hot. According to our cab driver who drove us to our hotel from the Airport, Seville was hotter than usual.  We felt it in the air. The average temperature during the day was 111 to 114. At night it was still in the 80s.   Overall I don’t mind the high heat.  It is better for travel than rain since you can’t take to many good pictures in the rain.

We checked into a nice little hotel in the old town area of Seville. Luckily there was a local english pub that didn’t close every afternoon like most of the other local places.  Such places are required for us on a normal daily eating schedule.


So first we toured around Seville to see the sights and go buy some tickets to the bull fights for the next day.   In the old town area are various churches etc., but taking your attention was definitely the Parasol.  A unique wooden platform type structure that gives you great views around Seville.


Well the big thing in Seville is the bull fights.  As my son told me, “dad, they kill the bulls”.  Yes I know I stated, but you are probably eating a hamburger right now and you know we kill millions of cows, pigs, and chickens each year so we can eat.  They also eat the bulls.  But I understand the hesitation.  But we were there to understand another culture and the bull fights are the culture in Seville. So we made our way to the Seville Bull Ring and took a tour and buy tickets for the fights the next day.


Sev1002Sev3005Sev3006Sev2005Sev3007Sev3008Sev1004Sev3001This is where the bullfighters pray prior to going into the rink. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out for the bullfighter and the bull wins.

The next day we went to the bull fights.  It started at 5 and it was still over 10 degrees.  The fights go on until almost 8PM.  Whatever you do, don’t get tickets in the sun, you will pass out in the heat.  We had the more expensive, but well worth it, seats in the shade.


I didn’t add any bad bloody bullfighting pictures.  I was very impressed at the pageantry that they put into the bull fights.

After the fights we walked around to other local tourist sights and found a great restaurant for some tapas.

One of the other main attractions in Seville is Plaza De Espana.  To me not overly impressive except in size, but I have seen larger Plazas.


The other large sight to see is the Seville Cathedral.  This is a very large cathedral in all stone so it is not as ornate as others.  But interesting.


 That basically is the whole Seville trip.  Now on to Lisbon.

Next Stop: Lisbon Portugal