Adventures in Figures

Figures  – A quick train ride north from Barcelona. Home of the Dali museum.  Salvador Dali was a very unique artist.  This museum shows many of his designs inside and out.

Dali Museum


FIG001 FIG002 FIG003 FIG004 FIG005 FIG006 FIG007 FIG008 FIG009 FIG010 FIG011 FIG012

This is just one of the many Dali museums we have seen around the world but definitely one of the best.

Within walking distance from the Dali museum was The Sant Ferran Castle, also known as Castillo de San Fernando.  It is situated on a hill and was a hot tiring hike to get to the main gate. It is a large military fortress built in the eighteenth century.  Honestly there was not much there and we couldn’t get into any museum areas even though they took our money to walk around inside.

FIGCast001 FIGCast002 FIGCast003 FIGCast004

This was the end of our Barcelona area trip so now we move onto the restful beach area in Ibiza/Formentera.