For Marcy’s Birthday one year, I decided to surprise her with a long weekend trip to Vail Colorado.  We haven’t really traveled to any places with snow (we love the beach and sun) so this was the time to do it with her birthday being in January.  It was a quick plane ride from LAX to Vail.  We rented a room at the Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa.  The hotel was fairly new and very nice.   Instead of skiing, which is the normal activity, I decided to reserve us some snowmobiles at a local area.  Man was it cold.  There was fresh snow and we could barely see the paths we were supposed to stay on. But it was really fun.   After two hours, we couldn’t take anymore.   We then had a nice time at a couples massage at the hotel spa.  What a treat.

Lastly, I was told that Beano’s Cabin at the top of Beaver Creek Mountain.   They pick you up on a large tractor pulled sled and take you to the top.  The ambiance and food was really good and it was a great last meal.

We enjoyed Vail!