California Science Center

We decided to take a quick trip the California Science Center to see the Pompeii exhibit prior to it closing.  We are interested in going there and wanted to see items before our trip. With that ticket, you get a free entrance to the space shuttle.  That was awesome to see.

But back to the reason we went!

It was the last day of the Pompeii exhibit.  This was evident with the large signs outside the center “Pompeii Exhibit Sold Out”.  And the accompanying long car lines into the car area. We parked and made our way to the exhibit hall.   As expected, the lines were long.  If you had a ticket with a designated time within the hour they let you in line.  We got in line and it took about 45 minutes to make it inside.

The exhibit was fairly small over all however they did have some great items on display such as the hand crafted mosaic pictures and armor.  Of course the items everyone wants to see are the plaster casts of the unfortunate souls who could not get away from the massive amount of ash coming from Mount Vesuvius.  Originally buried in 20 feet of ash, the bodies eventually decomposed and left a hollow cast of hard ash.  During the excavation, they realized this and filled the hollowed areas with plaster.  That is what is shown in the exhibit, all those casts with bodies in the positions they were left in.  I don’t know why everyone is mesmerized by those human casts, but I think it is our brains unable to comprehend the terrible way to go.


CSC2003 CSC2004

We grabbed some pictures and went on our way to the Space Shuttle.  This was an unexpected surprise.  We knew that the space shuttle was very large, but wow!, much bigger in person. They have it on these earthquake proof stilts and you can walk underneath it.  It was impressive to view.  I guess it was worth cutting down all those trees in LA to get it to the Science Center.   All in all, a good day at the California Science Center.

CSC005 CSC004 CSC003