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Adventures in Jamaica

For the 2019 Christmas Holiday, we decided to head down to Jamaica. We read about Sandals and decided to give it a try. I am still working on the page, but in summary it was not our best holiday vacation.

Adventures in Maldives/Singapore

On December 18th, we took our annual international trip to the Maldives. We spent five nights on the island of Meeru. It was a great relaxing trip. We loved it. From there we went to spend three nights in Singapore at the iconic Mandalay Bay Sands Hotel. Awesome! …

NOT ALL PLACES UPDATED YET… BEEN BUSY. Will try to have done soon!

Adventures in Japan

On July 1st, we took our annual international trip to Japan. We actually didn’t take a big international trip last year so we saved up our points and made this one of the cheapest trips we have ever taken. As usual, we took months to research where we wanted to go and booked everything about 6 or more months in advance… more

NOT ALL PLACES UPDATED YET… BEEN BUSY. Will try to have done soon!

Adventures in South Korea

This was probably the best time to go to South Korea… that is before North Korea does something really stupid and another war breaks out.  On this trip, we book 2 nights so that I could book a full day private tour of the DMZ.  Yup, the demilitarized zone. One long line cutting the country into two.  And then guard post 2 kilometers from that point on each side.  Us staring at them, them staring at us.  What a sucky situation!… more

Adventures in Curaçao


Willemstad Curacao

Instead of the usual Playa Del Carmen Mexico for the holidays, we decided to use up our Hilton Hotel points and get 5 free nights in Curacao. It was the only Hilton in the southern Caribbean area. We left on December 29th from LAX… (more)

Adventures in Machu Picchu

mr-jr-MP 8-2014

Adventures in Machu Picchu

What else do you get someone who loves to travel for their birthday but a trip! Not just any trip, but a trip to Machu Picchu of all places. On the bucket list of almost every world traveler.  It definitely was on mine and my wonderful wife made sure I got to check that off my list.  Well we took a week and took off…. more